Sheriff Hargrave Updates Citizens On Search For Police Impersonator

The follow is an update on the search for a Police Impersonator in Northeast Kansas & Southeast Nebraska from Marshall County Sheriff Dan Hargrave

No new incidents to report as of this morning. We are currently working with Nebraska authorities on several leads they might have, and a couple of incidents in Gage County over the last few days. We ask for the publics help in keeping their eyes open for us. We check out every call that we get from you, in hopes to get this guy of the road. We have been telling everyone that asks us what to do if they get stopped, to call 911 immediately. Our dispatch will be able to tell you if an officer is currently trying to make a car stop in that area. If they are not, then stay on the phone, you will be told to put your flashers on and continue on to the nearest town, at the posted speed limit, to a safe place. Again we are looking for a 2003-2007 white chevy pickup with chrome tubular running boards . This vehicle had produced a single red light in the windshield when making its stops. White male, approx. 6 ft tall, brown hair with a black mustache. Has been seen one time wearing a black uniform, with a police shield. Be safe and Thank you for your help.