Marysville USD 364 School Board Meeting Notes

The Marysville USD 364 School Board met Wednesday, and rescinded an earlier motion to pave the parking area on property acquired south of the Junior High, opting to wait until a traffic flow plan is established, assuring safety of drivers and pedestrians. Several projects were approved, including $70,000 for Ebert Mayo Design Group to serve as architect in developing an assessment of current, and future district building needs, $52,800 for technology for teachers, $34,000 for technology infrastructure, and $9,500 for landscaping projects.

Administration presented two options, and the M.E.A. presented another for consideration for 2015-16. The calendar will be discussed at the February meeting. Bert Lord was approved as head girls’ softball coach, with Todd Milner voting no. An early retirement agreement with Marysville Education Association was approved for teachers retiring under KPERS, with early notification compensation around $4,000, with notice by February 11th.


Regular Board Meeting Highlights
January 14, 2015

• Approved the following: Motion carried 7-0.
o Approved December minutes
o Approved Bills and Transfers
o Received Clerk’s Financial Report, Treasurer’s Report, Investment Securities Report
and Miscellaneous Reports.
o Approved Gifts:
 Received $134 from concert for Band trip donation.
 Received $100 from the Winifred Johnson Trust for the
GED Program
 Received $3,000 from Guise-Weber Foundation for the
GED Program
• Reviewed the Board of Education Calendar for January and February.
• January is designated School Board Recognition Month. Mr. Mullins presented the board members certificates of appreciation for their dedication to our children and public education in Kansas.
• Kim Faulkner addressed the board in support to continue reimbursing itinerate staff for
in-district mileage.
• Mary Richardson, gifted teacher, and three students, Braeton Faulkner, Ben Frese, and Emma
Peschel gave a presentation on gifted activities and interacted with Board Members with a Lego demonstration.
• Approved the 2013-14 audit report presented by Ken Kickhaefer of Kickhaefer & Associates,
P.A. Motion passed 7-0.
• Approved the 2014-15 audit contract with Kickhaefer & Associates, P.A. in the amount of
$10,325.00 Motion passed 7-0.
• Reviewed a budget report, cash balance report, and budget projections.
• Declared the old maintenance bus as surplus. Motion passed 7-0.
Approved a motion to resend the motion to pave the parking lot (approved 10/ 8/14), as advised by Ebert Mayo Design Group. Motion passed 7-0.
• Approved the following spring projects: Motion passed 7-0.
o Architect Fee-Ebert Mayo Design Group (Est. $70,000)
o Technology for teachers (Est. $52,800)
o Technology Infrastructure-Tape Drive and Server (Est. $34,021.17).
o Landscaping Projects by Blueville Nursery (Est. $9,523.00)
(Graveling the parking lot was tabled in order to develop a plan for traffic flow that is safe for pedestrians and drivers.)
• Discussed the calendar for 2015-16. Two drafts from administrators and one from MEA were
reviewed. Adoption of the calendar will be at the February Board Meeting.

• Adopted the following revised policies: Motion carried 7-0.
• CA – Goals and Objectives of School Administration
• CEA – Superintendent Qualifications
• CEC – Superintendent Recruitment
• CEF – Expense Reimbursement and Credit Cards
• CEI-R – Evaluation
• DK – Student Activity Fund Management
• Reviewed polices under E-Business Management, F-Facilities, G-Personnel, KASB recommended changes, and policy on in-district mileage reimbursement.
• Approved the following extra duty appointments: Motion carried 7-0.
o Kim Prockish – Senior High RTI/MTSS
o Misty Slate – Junior High RTI-MTSS
• Appointed Bert Lord as Head Softball Coach. Motion carried 6-1. (Mr. Milner voted no.)
• Approved the early retirement agreement with the Marysville Education Association (MEA) for teachers retiring under KPERS, with the early notification compensation being $4,000 and the date being by the close of business on Wednesday February 11, 2015. Motion carried 7-0.
• Approved the Memorandum of Understanding with the Marysville Education Association (MEA) for the District’s McRel evaluation process. Motion carried 7-0.