House Fire In Beloit Last Week Determined To Be Arson

A house fire in Beloit last week is officially a crime scene. Monday the State Fire Marshal’s office was at the house on South Street, which is located less than a block east of St. John’s High School.

Firefighters were called out last Wednesday. Home owners Mark and Connie Hafliger were away on vacation in Jamaica.

Mitchell County Attorney Mark Noah says once the Fire Marshall’s office determined in the initial visit that the fire was arson, the local folks became support staff in the investigation.

“The fire marshal is the head agency, the police department is assisting, and the Beloit Fire department is assisting.” Noah says.

The county attorney said as soon as emergency responders suspected foul play, suspected search warrants were obtained.

“Once you’re investigating a crime you need a search warrant,” Noah says. “The family was out of the country, however Police Chief (Dave) Elam was able to contact them by phone and go in and start investigating the potential crime scene.”

Noah would not speculate on whether the arson was attached to an attempted burglary.

Noah intended to wait and see what the Fire Marshal’s investigation revealed.