Premium Feeders In Scandia Hit By Tornado, Still Cleaning Up

It’s now been five days since a tornado ripped through the towns of Scandia and Courtland in Republic County and folks are working to put things back together.

Premium Feeders is the name of the feedlot that along with the ethanol plant were hit hard. Initial reports from other media outlets in the state were that as many as 150 head of cattle were killed as a result of the tornado’s damage.

Over the weekend, I talked with Jeff Strnad, owner of Premium Feeders, who tells KDNS News what the cattle loss numbers were as of Friday and what that equates to in dollar amount.

Strnad also reported that about $3 million worth of damage was done to the facility during the tornado. Strnad adds that he and the company are very thankful for the assistance from the public and other businesses in Republic County as they try to put things back together.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture, Republic County Emergency Preparedness Director Raymond Raney, and local police were on scene soon after the tornado hit the feedlot last week.
Looking forward Strnad gives us an idea of how long this cleaning up process will take place for Premium Feeders.

About 400 of the cattle were injured from the tornado and will have to be put down.