Washington County Hospital Acquires New CT Scan Technology

Washington, KS – Washington County Hospital recently completed installation of the innovative Neusoft NeuViz-16 multi-slice CT scanner in their Imaging Department. The NeuViz-16 is designed to offer higher resolution images, a wider range of CT imaging exam types and the faster scanning times, making CT examinations more comfortable for their patients. This CT Scanner will provide patients with lower radiation dose rates for both adult and pediatric patients, without compromising image quality. The NeuViz 16 CT Scanner meets or exceeds all federally mandated dose standards.

The Neusoft Neuviz-16 CT Scanner was acquired by Washington County Hospital with the priority of offering the surrounding communities with the latest improvements in healthcare technology. With the acquisition of this new CT technology, Washington County Hospital has greatly improved their CT Imaging capabilities and in turn will improve their patients imaging experience and diagnostic efficiency.