Rolling Hills Breaks Ground In Beloit

Rolling Hills Electric held a groundbreaking ceremony in Beloit yesterday at the site of what will be a new centralized facility for the cooperative located just south of the Hwy 9 and 24 junction in the northeast part of Beloit. Rolling Hills began in 2002 and was the first electric cooperative in the nation to combine 3 separate cooperatives to form a single entity.

Rolling Hills was welcomed to Beloit by Solomon Valley Economic Development President Curt Frasier before Rolling Hills General Manager Doug Jackson introduced board members and guests from the architectural and construction firms who will complete the project.

Jackson talked about the benefits of having a centralized facility and the cost savings to the cooperative and its members that will come as a result of it.

A crowd of nearly 100 people including Rollings Hills board members, employees and guests attended the event. Board President Gary Frieling spoke about the strength and forward thinking of the COOP that have gotten them to where they are today thanks to their members, employees and the dedication of their board. Frieling talked about why Beloit was the ideal location for this centralized facility.

Frieling also spoke about the new up and running Rolling Hills facility in Osborne that is now fully staffed and functional. Dirt work prior to construction in Beloit is expected to begin anytime in the next few days, and the plans call to have the facility up and running by May of next year.