Dollar General Breaks Ground In Mankato

Ground breaking took place last week on a new Dollar General store coming to Mankato. The new store will be located east of the Buffalo Roam Restaurant. It will be the third new dollar general store in our listening area to break ground this year. The new Dollar General stores in Beloit and Cawker City are expected to open in the coming weeks.

An open date for the Mankato location has not yet been announced but JCCDA Coordinator Jenny Russell of JennRuss Frelance said on Friday that late spring or early summer of next year would be the best estimate available at this time.

The hope for the Dollar General store is to draw more shoppers to Mankato and Jewell County as a whole. Including those from outside the county to increase what is referred to as the pull factor. This number indicates the market share or “pull” a county has in terms of business.

A pull factor of 1 means that the county has a perfect balance of trade. A number over 1 means a county is pulling business from people outside of their county, and a number lower than 1 indicates that the county is losing business from in county residents to outside counties. Jewell County is currently ranked 98th out of 105 Kansas Counties in terms of pull factor at .45. Mitchell County has a positive pull factor of 1.03 while Republic and Smith Counties, which also border Jewell County, have a .72 and a .70 pull factor respectively.

Russell expressed confidence that the Dollar General will be a big benefit to Jewell County in terms of their pull factor, increased sales tax revenues and job creation.