Service Award Nominees Sought By Leadership Mitchell Co.

Based on the desire to recognize efforts of individuals in the communities we serve, the Board ofDirectors of Leadership Mitchell County has established the Leadership Mitchell County Community Service Award, and is excited to make its second award in 2016. Each calendar year, the award will recognize the significant leadership efforts of an individual or entity that have impacted their community. A committee composed of Leadership Mitchell County Board members, community civic leaders, and community volunteer leaders will select the recipient to be recognized from the nominations received.

One of the finest qualities that can be found in local Kansans is their desire to make a difference in their
community. Whether involved in improving the welfare of their community or improving the quality of life for individuals residing in their community, these citizens continue to stay active in their community, excelling at leveraging and mentoring others to perform community volunteer work.

Community leaders tend to give freely of their time and skills. Nominations will be reviewed and each nominee will be considered based on their level of personal contributions, the impact of their personal commitments, the broadness of their impact, and the sustainability of their impact. Leadership Mitchell County wants to honor and recognize these nominees for their efforts and the impact that they have in their community.

Robert J. Severance was the recipient of the first Leadership Mitchell County Community Service Award.

If you know of someone who has had a positive impact in your community and you feel that they should be considered as a potential recipient of the Leadership Mitchell County Community Service Award, please complete a nomination form and forward the completed form to Leadership Mitchell County.

Nomination forms can be found on the Leadership Mitchell County website at Once completed, the nominations forms can be forwarded either by
fax to (785) 738-5725, or e-mailed to with a return address to allow for a confirmation
receipt of your nomination. Nominations for consideration must be received by February 28, 2016.