Candidate Filings For Beloit City Elections Released

The filing deadline for Beloit Mayoral and City Council candidates for this year’s election came and passed as of today at noon. There are several seats open on the Beloit City Council including the 1st Ward where council member Rick Brown will term out, but has filed as a candidate for mayor and will run against incumbent Mayor Tom Naasz.

Lee McMillan has filed for the seat to be vacated by Brown at the end of his term. The other 1st Ward seat, currently held by Bob Richard, may become open as well as Richard is assumed to be relocating following the recent sale of his Beloit home. Richard’s seat, if vacated, would be filled by a council appointment as his term continues through this election cycle.

In the second ward, Robert Petterson is running for another term and will be challenged by sitting Beloit Planning Commission Member Andrew Grabon. Tony Gengler, the other 2nd Ward incumbent is still in his current term.

3rd Ward council member Lloyd Littrell has filed for re-election and is currently unopposed. Matt Otte is the incumbent 3rd Ward councilor. Also having filed for reelection and currently unopposed is 4th Ward council member Kent Miller. The other 4th Ward seat remains empty after being vacated over a year ago by Charlene Abel. That position has yet to be filled by a council appointed candidate despite an application from Dave Porter of Beloit who was denied the seat by the council late last year.

Write in candidates could still enter the races, but there will be no primary elections.