Congressman Huelskamp Visits Marshall County For Town Hall

WASHINGTON – Today Congressman Tim Huelskamp hosted his Town Hall at the Marysville City Hall. It was his 338th Town Hall since elected. At the Town Hall he took questions from Kansans on a variety of topics: from the national debt to common core and climate change.

Marshall County residents also had concerns about the impact of Obama’s over-regulations on Kansas farmers and ranchers. They were curious about what’s next in the move to repeal and reverse Obamacare.

“I’m grateful to see that constituents are eager for Congress to stand with me for the Constitution. They want Washington to stop spending the next generation’s money and to fix the VA. I will continue the work the First District sent me to Washington to do.”

Congressman Huelskamp has held more Town Halls than any sitting member of Congress. Each year he visits every one of the 63 counties in the Big First District to meet with and listen to Kansans.