Voter Information Discussed at Mitchell Co. Commissioners

The Mitchell County Commissioners met in Beloit on Monday with a limited agenda. Discussion was held regarding the Health Advisory Board and Home Health Agency Advisory Board. Outgoing members include Roberta Kusler, Debbie Raymer, Anita Walsh, Joyce McKinney, Annette Burks.

The commissioners also discussed the newly formed Mitchell County Planning Commission and Board of Appeals. A public hearing is being scheduled for county residents to be involved in discussions to determine the areas to be zoned, enabling them to voice their opinions and options for zoning an area similar to the extraterritorial jurisdiction in the Beloit Comprehensive Plan.

Members of the local media met with County Clerk Chris Treaster to discuss upcoming elections, and to share information that could be helpful to our listeners in terms of answering questions about voting, voter registration and party affiliation.

Treaster spoke about upcoming deadlines regarding party affiliation.

June 1st will also be the filing deadline for candidates who wish to run for office.

Treaster also discussed advanced voting and encouraged people to take advantage of that option.

Permanent placement as an advanced voter can be approved in the County Clerk’s office if the voter can provide proof of physical or other limitations that keep them from accessing a polling place. Treaster also reminds voters that in order to be valid and accepted… all mail in ballots must be signed by the voter in order to compare signatures on file to verify the voter’s identity.

On advanced voting, return postage is the responsibility of the voter.

Treater reminded voters that they must present I.D. at the polls, and that there will be handicap accessible voting machines at the polls as well as in the clerk’s office for advanced voting.

If someone comes to vote and they are not registered or their name does not appear in the poll book, they will be allowed to vote. Any such votes will be considered provisional, and will be deemed valid or invalid by those who canvass the vote, which will be the county commissioners.

Treaster also reminded supporters of any candidate that no campaigning may be done nor any political signs be posted within 100 feet of a polling place on Election Day.

Other points discussed on elections include:

Voter Registration
Voter registration closes 20 days prior to EVERY election

There is no need to register for name changes (such as marriage, etc.) or address changes. Address changes must be made upon voter registration even if the voter is located int he same precinct or next door, across the street, etc.

First time registrants int he State of Kansas MUST provide proof of citizenship before the will become a registered voter. A list of acceptable documents can be found by clicking HERE.

The following is a listing of important dates regarding elections for 2016.

Voter registration closing dates for 2016:
March 15 – Beloit City General Election
June 1 – Party affiliation for August Primary Elections
July 12 – August Primary Election
October 18 – November General Election

Election Dates for 2016:
April 5 – Beloit City General Election
August 2 – Primary Election
November 8 – General Election

Filing Deadlines for Candidates:
June 1 – Federal, State and Local Candidates for November Election
August 1 – Deadline for Independent Candidates (Must file by petition)

Beginning in 2017 ALL City and School Elections will be held in the fall voting cycle. In 2016 Beloit chose the option to hold their election in April. Cawker City opted to change theirs to November of this year.