Washington County 4-Hers Participate In Regional 4-H Day

4-Hers receiving top blues at the River Valley District 4-H day, February 27, 2016, qualified to attend the Regional 4-H Day composed of the River Valley Extension District, Central Kansas District, Dickinson, Geary, and Marshall Counties. Regional 4-H Day was held on Saturday, March 19, 2016 at the Clay Center Community High School.

Eligible Washington County 4-H members participating were:

Model Meetings
1st Alt Top Blue: Farmington
Jr. Demonstrations
Red: Carissa Kolle
Sr. Demonstrations
Blue: Eric Peterson
Project Talks
Blue: Carly Kolle, Reanna Rencin
Red: Coy Stamm, Shai Zenger, Kady Toole
Public Speaking
Blue: Scuyler Zenger
Sr. Readings
Blue: Drew Buhrman
Jr. Readings
Red: Reanna Rencin
Sr. Other Talent
Top Blue: Bruna & Dragastin
Jr. Other Talent
Alt Top Blue: Jordi Fahey
Jr. Dance – Choreographed
Top Blue: Emily Jones
Sr. Other – Dance
Blue: Busy Bee
Jr. Dance – Other
Blue: Emily Jones
Sr. Dance – Country
Top Blue: Courtney & Riley Moore
Alt Top Blue: Benzt/Stewart/Crome/Zenger/Gauby/Gauby
Jr. Dance – Country
Top Blue: Aliyah Sinn & Nathaniel Tice
Vocal Ensemble
Red: Adria Heuer/Katelyn Klipp, Linn Livewires, Hanover
Sr. Vocal Solo
Alt Top Blue: Nicole Diederich
Blue: Carter Bruna, Will Bruna
Red: Jake Toole
Sr. Instrumental Solo
Blue: Kady Toole, Mia Cardenas, Nathaniel Tice

Congratulations to all who participated!