Work Continues To Complete Rail Trail From Marysville To Lincoln

A missing link of a rail trail that would extend from Marysville to Lincoln will apparently be completed, as the City of Beatrice Thursday opened bids for a two-mile section within the city from the Dempster Industry property in south Beatrice, to the city limits. This would complete the Homestead portion of the trail, which extends to Lincoln.

Two bids were received, well under an engineer’s estimate of $437,000 for the project. The city though had budgeted just $262,500, which is some $70,000 short. It is expected that funds will be made available to complete the work. That would leave an eight-mile stretch from Beatrice south to the Kansas border yet to be completed.

Work has progressed on the Blue River Rail Trail from Marysville north to the state line, and would eventually link up with that section, which has been identified as the Chief Standing Bear Trail, recognizing the route of the Indians passage to southern reservations.

Funding is set aside for the Standing Bear Trail, and agreements are in order for its completion. The combined efforts would make Marysville the south trailhead, extending north to Lincoln. Efforts are also underway locally to extend the current trail from the north edge of Marysville to the city’s downtown Seventh Street corridor.