Blue Valley Fiber Project Nears Completion

Gigabit Technology offered to East Marysville Businesses

Home, Kan. – Monday, April 25, 2016 – Blue Valley Tele-Communications (BVTC) announced today the first phase of its business fiber project will be completed in May – giving business customers access to gigabit technology over a secure and reliable fiber connection.

Symmetrical internet speeds up to 1 gigabit per second over BVTC’s fiber network will provide business customers instant access to the internet while providing enough bandwidth to handle all wireless needs. “The faster speeds are important in order to keep businesses connected. As companies grow, they need to access more content on more devices,” said John Smith, BVTC operations manager. “Gigabit technology over fiber improves a customer’s experience when they are connecting to the cloud, hosting a videoconference, streaming videos and webinars, and more.”

The first phase of the project – which includes businesses along Highway 36 from approximately Hometown Lumber west to the water tower – will be completed in late May. Eligible business customers will be contacted by someone from BVTC with additional information on packages and pricing.

“We’ll continue to roll out our fiber services to Marysville businesses through a second phase, which includes Highway 36 and Broadway Street,” said Smith.

The fiber will run from 14th Street near Casey’s General Store west along Highway 36 and Broadway to CJ West. It will also include the US Post Office north to the Westar Energy building. Smith added, “The demand for faster speeds continues to increase and we [BVTC] want to be able to accommodate those needs.”

“Reinvesting in the communities we serve is the right thing to do,” said BVTC CEO, Brian Thomason. “We are continually evaluating the needs of our customers and how we can impact community growth and development through the deployment of the most up-to-date technology available.” The project is slated to be complete this fall.