Candidates File For Mitchell County Fall Elections

The filing deadline for local fall elections is June 1. The following is a current of candidates who have filed for offices in Mitchell County.

Mike Cooper
County Commissioner, 2nd District Rep
Jim Marshall County Commissioner, 3rd District Rep
Anthony D. Perez Sheriff Rep
Thomas F. Wendell Beloit Township Trustee Dem
Chuck Peterson Bloomfield Township Trustee Rep
Max Keller Custer Township Trustee Rep
Tim Wiles Blue Hill Township Trustee Rep
Bob Burda Cawker Township Trustee Rep
Charles L. Brockway Salt Creek Township Trustee Rep
Janet L. Holway Bloomfield Township Treasurer Rep
Galen Seehafer Custer Township Treasurer Dem
Dale Konzem Turkey Creek Township Treasurer Rep
Carl Eilert Plum Creek Township Treasurer Rep
Kenneth T. Stewart Round Springs Township Treasurer Rep
  Jim Hughes                          Cawker City Council