Pony Express Re-Ride To Pass Through Area Friday Evening

The annual Pony Express re-ride is underway, departing old Sacramento, California last Saturday.

Bound for St. Joseph, Missouri, the relay riders are scheduled to cross the Nebraska/Kansas line Friday evening around 6 p.m., arriving at the Hollenberg Station near Hanover at 7, departing at 7:15.

The Marysville stop at the Pony Express Barn downtown is planned Friday evening at 9:15, departing at 9:30. The ride will pass Guittard Station at midnight, and pass Summit at Highway K-99 at 1 a.m., concluding Saturday afternoon, with arrival planned at 3 p.m.

Annually volunteer riders traverse the entire route of the Pony Express. More information, including route tracking is on the organization website at xphomestation.com.