Kansas Legislature Approves School Funding Plan

Kansas legislators have passed an education funding plan from Republican leaders that boosts aid to poor school districts to satisfy a state Supreme Court mandate, and end a threat that the state’s public schools might not reopen next month.

See the legislative description of the school funding bill here

The plan approved Friday night increases aid to poor school districts by $38 million for 2016-17 by diverting money from other parts of state government.

The votes were 116-6 in the House and 38-1 in the Senate, sending the plan to Republican Gov. Sam Brownback who told reporters he will sign the bill.

Legislators had a two-day special session to respond to the Supreme Court’s ruling last month that the education funding system remained unfair to poor districts. The justices warned that schools would be unable to reopen after June 30 without changes.

Kansas legislators ended their special session after passing the education funding plan

The Senate adjourned at about 8:20 p.m. Friday, and the House followed about 30 minutes later.