Peace Of Mind: Free Health Program At Golden Age Center

Oberlin, KS (June 22, 2016) – The Golden Age Center in Oberlin is offering a free health program on Wednesday, July 20, to help teach how you can use your imagination to become more focused and reduce stress. The program, Peace of Mind, is from 3pm-4pm and is open to the public.

Peace of Mind is part of a free monthly health and wellness series available at the Golden Age Center. Open to the public, the sessions are presented via interactive televideo (ITV) through Decatur Health System’s (DHS) membership in the Midwest Cancer Alliance (MCA), the outreach division of The University of Kansas Cancer Center.

Lesli Hill, MS, will facilitate the program. Hill was a hospice and bereavement counselor before earning her master’s degree in psychology. She is part of a team of health experts available through Turning Point: The Center for Hope & Healing and will offer easy-to-follow tips on how to incorporate visualization and breathing exercises into your daily routine and use them as tools for lowering blood pressure, managing stress, pain and other symptoms as well as for overall relaxation and well-being.

“Think about how relaxed you feel when you daydream,” says DHS social worker, Joanne Wendelin. “Guided visualization is like purposeful daydreaming.”

In 2012, researchers looked at guided imagery for patients having radiotherapy for breast cancer. The study found that patients who had guided imagery had lower breathing and pulse rates and lower blood pressure. More than 8 out of 10 participants in the study described the guided imagery sessions as helpful for reducing feelings of stress.

“To use guided imagery to help reduce the stress in your life all you need is a quiet moment and a good imagination,” says Brooke Groneman, Director of Outreach for MCA.

To participate in the Peace of Mind program on Wednesday, July 20 from 3pm-4pm and get information about other upcoming free health programs please call 785-475-3222.