Front Row (L to R): Samantha McClure (Clay County), Kelee Siebold (Clay County), Judy VanWey (Clay County), Yuriko Takeki (Clay County), Josiah Field (Republic County), Martay VanWey (Clay County), Anneliese Goertzen (Republic County), Macy Rickard (Republic County). Second Row (L to R): Mattie Blackburn (Clay County), Lauren Taphorn (Clay County), Jaden Tate (Clay County), Hayley Piroutek (Republic County), Faith Schintler (Republic County), Kaitlyn Hoge (Republic County), Hannah Hall (Republic County), Kaylee Bray (Republic County). Back Row (L to R): Katie Brady (Clay County), Zachary Stitt (Clay County), Sean Bruna (Washington County), Richard Schintler (Adult Volunteer – Republic County), Keath Meyer (Clay County), Monica Thayer (River Valley 4-H Agent).

Twenty-one youth from across the River Valley Extension District attended the 2016 Kansas 4-H Discovery Days in Manhattan on the K-State campus from Tuesday, May 31st through Friday, June 3rd. This year, the theme for Discovery Days was “Get a Clue and Discover YOU”.

Discovery Days is an annual four day conference, which includes classes and tours about 4-H projects, career options, leadership, and more! During the conference, the youth are housed in two of the dormitories, Haymaker and Moore, on the K-State campus.

Classes covered everything from needleless knitting to junk draw robots, chuckwagon cooking to floral arrangements, and almost everything in between. Tours included the Tuttle Creek Dam, McCall’s Pattern Production Facility, and K-State’s state-of-the-art milling facilities, to name a few. Evening activities were a motivational speaker, live band, talent show, comedian, dances, billiards, and bowling.

Youth had a great time attending classes/tours, creating new friendships, and socializing at evening events. If you are interested in attending events like Discovery Days or joining 4-H, please contact Monica Thayer, 4-H Youth Development Extension Agent, at 785-527-5084 or