Number Of Teachers Leaving Kansas Has Doubled Since 2012

The number of teachers leaving Kansas or simply quitting the profession has dramatically increased over the last four years.

The annual Licensed Personnel Report was released Tuesday by the Kansas Department of Education. While it was provided to the Board of Education meeting in Topeka Tuesday, the report was buried in board documents and not addressed by either staff or the board.

The report shows that 1,075 teachers left the profession last year, up from 669 four years ago. That’s a 61 percent increase.

The number of teachers who left the state doubled in the last four years, from 413 in 2012 school year to 831 in the last school year.

While the state Board of Education did not discuss the report, which in past years has generally been part of the agenda, Chairman Jim McNiece talk about the growing problem of teachers leaving the state as the meeting opened.

McNiece told the board about a conversation he had with the chair of the Nebraska State Board of Education. “He wanted to say thank you to Kansas for sending so many teachers to Nebraska,” McNiece said.