Governor Brownback Defends His Record And Policies

In a rare informal conversation with Statehouse reporters late last week, Brownback was asked whether he interpreted the primary results as a rejection of his policies, his controversial income tax cuts in particular.

“I consider them (the results) to be a frustration with the budget, with K-12 funding because those are the things I’m hearing the most about,” Brownback said. He suggested that media coverage has led many Kansans to believe that his tax cuts are responsible for the state’s chronic budget problems.

Brownback went on to say, “There’s been very little coverage of positive sides of business growth in the state.” He noted that small-business growth has been particularly robust on the Kansas side of the line in the Kansas City metro area.

The governor continued to insist that the individual and business income tax cuts he encouraged the 2012 Legislature to push through are not responsible for the revenue shortfalls which have forced cuts in Medicaid, higher education, highways, children’s programs and others. The second term governor maintained that downturns in staples of the Kansas economy such as agriculture, oil, and the aircraft industry are responsible for the continuing plunge in revenue collections.