Man Charged With Attempted Murder After Lighting Supervisor On Fire

A civilian employee for a health center at Fort Leavenworth is accused of setting one of his co-workers on fire.

Acting U.S. Attorney Tom Beall says 54-year-old Clifford Currie of Leavenworth was charged Thursday with one count of assault with intent to commit murder.

Prosecutors allege that on Wednesday Currie threw a flammable liquid on his female supervisor, lit her on fire and assaulted her with a straight edge razor.

Another worker at the Munson Army Health Center was injured when she tried to stop the assault before other hospital employees subdued Currie.

A criminal complaint says the supervisor had in the past asked for another employee to be with her whenever she talked to Currie.

Fort Leavenworth said on its website that the Munson Army Health Center would be closed at least through yesterday while they investigated Wednesday’s assault is.