Osborne County Commissioners – January 3, 2017

Osborne County Commissioners
Minutes for Special Meeting
January 3, 2017

Present: James Cary, C.W. “Bill” Seaman, Alfred Reif, and Vienna Janis, County Clerk.

James Cary called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.

BobbiJo Boxum gave a copy of the updated quote from NexTech on computers. Commissioners looked at the quote. Brent “Bo” French entered meeting. Bo French stated he would like NexTech to do the installation because he wants to make sure all programs are working properly. James Cary moved to purchase five computers from NexTech for $6,400.77, Alfred Reif second. Vote: all motion carried.

Bo French continued meeting with commissioners regarding purchasing a lift. Bo asked commissioners if they wanted a 60 foot or 80 foot lift. Commissioners stated they just needed the 60 foot lift and any operator will need to be certified to run it. Commissioners stated that training could come from KCAMP. Bo also stated that he is sending all the information to National Sign Company for signs for County Road 388.

Harvey Knoll met with commissioners to discuss the gutter system. He stated that he would have to get paid by the hour to do the project. Harvey will get something written up and present it at a later time.

Jerry Johnston met with commissioners to turn over Kill Creek Township assets. Jerry turned in 2016 annual report for Kill Creek Township. Commissioners reviewed the report. C.W. Seaman moved to approve the 2016 annual report for Kill Creek Township, Alfred Reif second. Vote: all motion carried.

C.W. Seaman moved to accept the assets from Kill Creek Township with $37,433.42 in cash, one mower, motor grader and fuel tank with the money going into a Kill Creek Township Special fund for maintaining roads, Alfred Reif second. Vote: all motion carried.

Commissioners looked over minutes for special meeting held on December 29, 2016. C.W. Seaman moved to approve the minutes for special meeting held December 29, 2016 as amended, Alfred Reif second. Vote: all motion carried.

Commissioners approved the following transfer for 16-113 for $331.07.

Commissioners approved the following change order to the 2016 tax roll: 2016-119, 2016-120, 2016-121, 2016-122, 2016-123, 2016-124, 2016-125, 2016-126, 2016-127, 2016-128, 2016-129, 2016-130, 2016-131, and 2016-132 for a total tax loss of $5,617.28.

Pat Carlin met with commissioners to let them know he has the forklift that was purchased and asked to sell the old one. Commissioners stated that he should sell it on Purple Wave.

Don Snyder reported to commissioners on emergency management requirements.

James Cary moved to adjourn the meeting, Alfred Reif second. Vote: all motion carried. Meeting ended at 11:45 a.m.

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