Tomato Ratings From Kansas Master Gardeners

Each year, Master Gardeners across Kansas plant and rate a number of tomato varieties. K-State Research and Extension horticulturist Ward Upham says they looked at 10 different varieties and recorded the number of fruit per plant, total number of pounds of fruit per plant and the average size of tomato in ounces.

Upham says one minor drawback to those three varieties is that they often don’t produce a lot of fruit.

Amana Orange is a variety that performed well in trials conducted by the University of Missouri Extension Service. Upham says one of the best performers in Kansas, chef’s choice, is similar to Amana Orange.

If you’re limited on space and looking for varieties guaranteed to produce and produce well, Upham recommends planting Jetstar and Celebrity.

More information on the Kansas Master Gardeners and University of Missouri Extension Service tomato trials is available in two recent K-State Research and Extension Horticulture Newsletters at: