Senator Jerry Moran Makes Stops In Beloit And Downs (AUDIO)

U.S. Senator Jerry Moran made a stop on his 2017 listening tour in Beloit on Tuesday. He attended the Rotary Club meeting and luncheon at NCK Tech in Beloit before addressing the crowd of about 80. He also took questions from those in attendance, and later held an event in Downs.

Moran opened his comments saying that his number one mission in the Senate is to keep rural America alive.

The Senator has been a long time champion of Veterans issues and a staunch critic of the VA which has seen more than its share of problems and even scandal in recent years. Moran serves on the Senate Veteran’s Affairs committee.

He cited a lack of organizational control in the VA system which has many issues, but little in the way of accountability.

The second term U.S. Senator then addressed problems with the VA and other government bureaucracies in terms of how they are, in part, created by the legislative body which he himself is a part of.

Senator Moran continued to elaborate on his point of the “power of the purse” when it comes to  legislative practices to improve government entities like the VA, EPA and others.

Senator Moran continued with off the cuff criticism of the continuing resolution process used by congress which concedes a large share of their power and influence over government bureaucracies.

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