MCHHS Implements Tobacco-free Campus Policy

Mitchell County Hospital Health Systems (MCHHS), in Beloit, Kansas, will be
taking a proactive step to improve the environment for healthy living by implementing a tobacco free policy on all of its campuses, both owned and leased. This policy will apply to all patients, visitors, medical staff members, vendors and employees. Effective July 1st, 2017, no tobacco use of any kind will be permitted on our campus, on our parking lots, or anywhere on the grounds of our facilities.

Mitchell County Hospital Health Systems has joined hospitals across Kansas in an effort to
become tobacco-free. As a health care organization, we are committed to the health and safety of our employees and patients. We believe that we have a responsibility to take a leadership role on this major health issue, and becoming a smoke free campus supports that responsibility.

Mitchell County Hospital Health Systems is developing programs for employees who choose to quit using tobacco products all together as well as programs to help get them through a
designated shift.

Our patients are very important to us and we are working closely with physicians to develop
coping strategies and nicotine cessation strategies for them during their stay. The tobacco-free initiative is a concrete way we can demonstrate our ongoing commitment to healthy living.

Thank you for your support as Mitchell County Hospital Health Systems moves to a tobacco-free facility/campus.