Wade Weber Wants To Build On The Legacy Of Kansas 4-H

Engaging young people, empowering volunteers, equipping professionals and expanding partnerships are the aspirations of the new leader of Kansas State University’s 4-H Youth Development Program and state leader for Kansas 4-H.

In 4-H, young people learn by doing. They complete hands-on projects in areas such as health, science, agriculture and civic engagement. While he’s only been on the job a short time, Wade Weber knows he’s taking over a program that’s on solid ground.

Weber says part of his responsibilities is to advocate for Kansas 4-H, especially to those unfamiliar with the youth development program.

Nearly 78,000 young people participated in Kansas 4-H last year, along with 11,000 adult and youth volunteers in partnership with local extension agents who serve all 105 Kansas counties. Kansas 4-H has a strong legacy, and because it doesn’t take long for a program to lose momentum, Weber is committed to building on that legacy.

Weber stresses the importance of creating learning opportunities for youth where adults showcase their own passions but also model learning about new subjects.