Area School Districts Would See Varying Funding Changes Under New Formula

Last week, the Kansas Legislature approved a school funding plan which will add $289 million in additional money to public schools over the next two years. The new formula was developed in response to a Kansas Supreme Court ruling from earlier this year which stated funding levels are inadequate and unconstitutional.

Governor Sam Brownback has until June 15 to sign, veto or stand pat on the school funding bill. The general consensus of area legislatures and local school officials believe the governor will stand pat on the bill and allow it to become law without his signature as the deadline passes on Thursday.

It is unclear whether or not the Kansas Supreme Court will approve the new funding plan. Many believe they will allow the measure to pass muster for the coming school year, but they may require the legislature to readdress the issue during the 2018 session even though the bill is a two year plan.

The following is a listing in funding changes area school districts would see for the 2017-18 school year under the new funding plan which is based largely on changes in enrollment and tax valuations. All area schools, with the exception of Southern Cloud will see increases in funding levels, if approved, under the plan.

Southern Cloud -$120,581 – Rock Hills +$168,568 – Lincoln +$72,360

Sylvan-Lucas +$184,463 – Beloit +$527,706 – Waconda +$179,117

Thunder Ridge +$72,711 – Smith Center +$239,694 – Concordia +$511,189