Which Way Will Gov. Brownback Move On Gun Legislation… Or Will He?

Today is the deadline for Governor Brownback to make a decision on a new gun law. Earlier this month Kansas legislators approved a bill aimed at keeping concealed guns out of state hospitals and other public health facilities.

A 2013 law requires public health facilities to allow concealed guns into their buildings starts in July unless the buildings have security such as metal detectors or guards.

The bill on Brownback’s desk would grant a permanent exemption to state hospitals, other public hospitals, mental health centers, some nursing homes and the University of Kansas Health System and the university’s teaching hospital. The bill would still allow concealed weapons to be carried on public college campuses in Kansas.

The governor can sign the bill, veto it or let it pass without taking action. Secretary of State Kris Kobach wants Brownback to veto the legislation. According local legislator Susan Concannon of Beloit, the bill was encouraged from within Brownback’s administration, but he is under pressure from gun rights groups to veto the measure.

Brownback is a historically strong gun-rights supporter, but there is no sure consensus among the legislature whether he will sign or veto the measure or do nothing and allow it to be become law.