Beloit Police Department makes multiple arrests in two recent cases

In media releases from the Beloit Police Department on Friday, two recent, but separate, investigations have led to a number of arrests. The first set of arrests were in conjunction with a break-in and robbery which occurred at Beloit Elementary School on or about April 22.

The elementary break-in release reads as follows.

“The Beloit Police Department issued a warrant for the arrest of Christopher Roberts, 41, of Salina, KS on April 30 in conjunction with the Beloit Elementary School burglary. On April 30, the Salina Police Department arrested Christopher Roberts, and he was transported to Mitchell County Jail on May 1. On May 14, after further investigation, warrants were obtained by the Beloit Police Department for Heather Jensen, 33, of Beloit, KS and Anthony Sibley of Salina, KS also in conjunction with the Beloit Elementary School burglary.  On May 14, Heather Jensen was arrested in the 800 block of N. Walnut in Beloit, KS.  Currently, Anthony Sibley is still at large.”

Anthony Sibley remains at large and is wanted in connection with the BES robbery as well as for making recent criminal threats in a separate matter.

Additional arrests stem as a result of the investigation of a car trailer which was stolen in Beloit last month. The following information was submitted to local media from the Beloit PD earlier today.

“On May 15, the Beloit Police Department arrested Paul Higle, 31, of Beloit, KS and Jonathan Williams, 29, of Jewell, KS in connection with the theft of a car trailer from the 200 block of S. Poplar St in Beloit, KS.  The trailer was recovered in Concordia, KS and returned to the owner May 17.”

If you have any additional information about these cases or know the whereabouts of the sought-out suspect at large, contact the Beloit Police Department at 738-2203.