New Netflix doc series to include episodes focusing on Bob Marley, Johnny Cash and Sam Cooke

Hulton Archive/Getty ImagesA new Netflix documentary series called ReMastered -- featuring profiles of often-notorious incidents involving various music artists  -- will premiere this October.  Bob Marley, Johnny Cash and Sam Cooke are among the stars spotlighted in the eight-episode series.  A new episode will debut each month through May 2019. The first episode, titled "Who Shot the Sheriff?," will premiere on October 12 and will look at the political suppression of Jamaica's roots-reggae movement during the '70s. Part of the program will examine the CIA's alleged connection to the 1976 shooting of Marley by unknown gunmen at his home, which left the singer with minor injuries. Cash is the subject of the second documentary, "Tricky Dick and the Man in Black," premiering in November. It focuses on the time President Richard Nixon met with Cash at the White House, thinking that the country legend shared his conservative political views. However, Johnny surprised Nixon by performing songs with themes that appeared to critique the President's policies. February 2019 will see the premiere of "The Two Killings of Sam Cooke," which examines the December 1964 murder of the soul great. The program will offer an investigation into Cooke's death -- including whether or not the music industry attempted to cover it up -- and also examine the singer's involvement in the civil-rights movement. Other episodes of ReMastered will look at the deaths of blues pioneer Robert Johnson and Run-DMC DJ Jam Master Jay and the execution of Chilean folk singer Victor Jara, namechecked by U2 on their Joshua Tree track "One Tree Hill." The series will also tell the story of the South African man who wrote the song that inspired the doo-wop classic "The Lion Sleeps Tonight." The series was created by award-winning sibling filmmakers Jeff and Michael Zimbalist. Copyright © 2018, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.