Kenny Chesney explains how Hurricanes Irma and Maria charted a new course for “Better Boat”

Allister AnnKenny Chesney's latest single, "Better Boat," is a song that's been on his radar for quite some time. He related its story so closely to its authors, however, that it never really felt right to record it. "I've had it for a couple of years," Kenny tells ABC Radio, "but it never seemed to really fit on any previous project, because [it was a] song that was such a personal journey for the writers..." That all changed however, once Kenny's home away from home, the Virgin Islands, were devastated by Hurricanes Maria and Irma last year. "I felt like when what happened down [on the] island happened," he explains, "when you back away from it, and look at the scope of what happened, this song was so universal in a lot of the emotions and the feelings that everybody was going through." "And it just felt very relevant all of a sudden and important to have on this record," he adds. 
"Better Boat" is the second single from Kenny's Songs for the Saints album. He's donating all the proceeds to help the islands in their continuing recovery from the storms. Copyright © 2018, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.