Ann Wilson says “there’s no big feud” between her and her sister Nancy; talks the future of Heart

ABC/Randy HolmesHeart's Ann Wilson has been performing and recording solo since 2016, after a backstage altercation between her husband, and her sister Nancy's teenage sons.  While many believe there's been some sort of rift between the sibling band mates, Ann tells ABC Radio that everything's cool between them...they just needed a break. "[Heart is] on hiatus, and contrary to…urban myth, there's no big feud between Nancy and I," says Ann, who just released a solo covers album titled Immortal. "We were in a band in each other's pockets for 40 years, and because we're humans, we needed some space." The powerhouse vocalist reports that she has plans to meet with her sister soon in Los Angeles, noting, "We're gonna talk and see what we think about the future." The Rock & Roll Hall of Famer explains, "If Heart is gonna remain a viable thing that I want to be part of, it has to be built on the same idealism and authenticity as it was when it was conceived back in 1972 or whatever…It can't just be a money grab." She adds, "It has to be really something that I'm proud to do and that I feel content and inspired with." To that end, Ann says she'd want Heart to perform new music in concert, not just their old hits. "I love and respect the old music and I want to give that to the fans, but I also want to bring them something new and worthwhile," she says. "And I want them to see me enjoy myself, y'know?"
Wilson is currently enjoying performing songs from Immortal, a tribute to famous artists who passed away over the last few years. Ann's last solo dates for 2018 are December 27 in Wabash, Iindiana, and December 28 in Battle Creek, Michigan. Copyright © 2018, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.