Hozier says it’s “sweet” getting to play for his fans again after two years off the road

Edward CookeHozier's currently on a North American tour in support of his new EP, Nina Cried Power.  It's his first major outing in two years -- just long enough to remind the Grammy-nominated artist how much he enjoys singing for his fans. "I was out long enough to kinda get hungry for it again," Hozier tells ABC Radio. "I came off the road [in 2016] really eager to make new work.  I find it very very hard to write anything on the road.  But yeah, it was a long enough time to nearly forget what it was like to play to crowds like this, so it's really been sweet. While Hozier's EP includes four songs, a full album is coming soon.  So why did he decide to release these four songs first? "I was eager to reintroduce the work before the whole album drops," he explains. "Part of that is because music is consumed so differently even from when we did it last time 'round.  The quickness with which people consume music and move on to the next album is remarkable nowadays, so it was kind of nice to stagger the release over a period of time." "Also, it nice to kinda just share something with fans, to hand something over," he notes. The "Take Me to Church" singer says these four songs offer a sneak preview of what we can expect from the full album. "It's very representative of the sounds and themes to come and it's just a taster," Hozier tells ABC Radio.  "A lot of the songs, in my mind, [have] a sort of abiding sense of doom. And they explore looking at that abiding sense of doom from different angles: Optimism, or tenderness, or hope." Copyright © 2018, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.