Smith County Commissioners – May 1, 2017

Office of the County Clerk
Journal of Proceedings for the Smith County Commissioners
May 1, 2017

The County Commissioners met in regular session on May 1, 2017 in the County Commissioners’ Room. Present were Commissioners Roger Allen, Art Befort and Tom James.  Also present was Sharon Wolters, Clerk; and, Mitch Fritz, Road Supervisor.

Commissioners approved the agenda for the May 1, 2017 meeting.

Commissioners corrected and approved the April 24, 2017 minutes.

Commissioners approved vouchers #35209-35229 from the following funds:

General                                              15.00

Road                                            43108.77

Noxious Weed                                   6.75

Solid Waste                                      10.50

EMS                                                   25.50

TOTAL                              $   43,166.52

Commissioners approved Payroll #9 for $102,163.79.

Vernon Reinking gave an update on negotiating CDL services provided in Smith County.  No final decision has been made at this time.   Commissioners agreed to support Reinking’s efforts to continue providing services in Smith County.  Reinking asked commissioners for permission to post a notice about CDL’s on the front door of the courthouse.  Commissioners approved the request.

Art Befort asked about following suit with the report given by Roger Marshall that the new legislators in the U.S. House of Representatives who are starting each session with prayer.  Commissioners agreed to begin each weekly regular session with prayer asking for guidance in the leadership of the county.  James offered a prayer.

Mitch Fritz discussed the following:

  1. James discussed maintenance on L Road between 60 & 90 Roads. Fritz reported that they have been doing some tests at this location and the current plan is to create a base in the road.   James suggested putting an emphasis on repairing L Road.
  2. Befort asked about intersection of O & 160 roads. Fritz reported that the road repair was completed last week.   Befort reported that he received a call complimenting the work completed on O Road.
  3. Befort discussed the general maintenance procedures for working on rock roads. Fritz reviewed the current maintenance procedures.  Fritz discussed possible changes in maintenance procedures.

Patrick Eastes. EMS Director, joined the meeting.

  1. Befort discussed 120 Road between V & W Roads. Fritz provided information on rock maintenance at this location.  Befort indicated that he will ask Don Peterson to join the commissioners meeting to discuss road repairs at this location.
  2. Befort asked Fritz to send a thank you note to Foley for providing assistance in training the blade men.
  3. Fritz reported on the road work completed on 150 Road.
  4. Befort discussed maintenance on CC Road between 210 & 220 Roads.
  5. Befort agreed to follow up on storing gravel on the state property.
  6. Befort discussed bridge building using the NWKsP&D assistant and applying for grant funding.

Befort reviewed an offer that he received for using the former Duntz building from one of the contractors working on the hospital.   The other commissioners did not feel there was any conflict with county business as there was no county business being done because the contractor was not being hired by the county.

Wolters asked about thank you gift for the ladies who presented at the Ag tax meeting.  Commissioners approved sending a thank you for the presentation.  Wolters agreed to send the thank yous.

Chris Bailey, Undersheriff, joined the meeting.

Befort and Fritz agreed to view roads this afternoon.

Errol Baumann joined the meeting.

Bailey reported that the 2007 Dodge Dakota 4WD is ready for sale.  Commissioners discussed ways to sell the pick-up.

Befort asked about current need for number of law enforcement employees.  Bailey agreed to prepare a formal response to that question.  James expressed appreciation for service provided by J. T. Jeffrey.

Hageman joined the meeting.

Eastes discussed the following:

  1. Eastes reported on a recent meeting with Befort, representatives from ABBB, and Eastes held last week. Eastes is in the process of restructuring information so the auditors can review the information and provide answers to questions asked by the commissioners.   Allen asked if the auditors reviewed the process used in the annual budget preparation  to provide adequate funding for the purchase of additional vehicles.   Allen wished to review the long term plan for replacing ambulances.   Eastes clarified that the auditors are not making recommendations but can answer accounting questions concerning the budget.
  2. Commissioners discussed ambulance replacement.
  3. A motion was made by Allen and seconded by James to convene in executive session from 10:20 a.m. till 10:40 a.m. to discuss non-elected personnel. Motion carried unanimously.   Also in the meeting was Patrick Eastes, EMS Director.  Regular session reconvened at 10:45 a.m.  No action was taken.

Eastes left the meeting.

Errol Baumann discussed his experience with ambulance travel.    Baumann feels that Kensington EMS employees are not being treated the same as other EMS employees and asked commissioners to check into this.  Baumann also discussed a building on skids and felt that a building that he owns is not being properly taxed.  Commissioners asked Kathy Hansen to join the meeting.  Hansen joined the meeting and indicated that she will contact the state to verify the information presented by Baumann.   Hansen agreed to report back to the commissioners as soon as she was able to verify the state’s position on the buildings.   Hansen left the meeting.

Hageman reported on the following:

  1. Hageman reported on her current schedule.
  2. Hageman reported that she has hired a part time person for home health. The new employee’s starting date should be within the month.
  3. Hageman reported that the second half of the mental health training will be this week.
  4. Befort discussed the Center on Healthy Living Coalition information cards currently on display in the area businesses. Hageman indicated that she does create the information for the county restaurant tables.  Befort stated that he wants to have the local tax payers see the work being completed by the employees of Smith County and that he appreciates  the work Hageman does in our county.  Hageman indicated that she will attempt to inform the public about services provided by health department.

Eastes rejoined the meeting.  Baumann asked about transports to the Phillips County Hospital by Smith County EMS.      Baumann asked about the EMS responders driving him to the Phillipsburg Hospital.  Eastes indicated that the employees responding to the call make the decision to transport or not to transport.   Befort asked for clarification on the statement Baumann made earlier in the meeting.  Eastes clarified that all responders working for the Smith County EMS are compensated for all time worked according to their level of certification.   Eastes left the meeting

Baumann left the meeting.

As there was no further business, the meeting was adjourned.



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