Smith County Commissioners – December 26, 2017

Office of the County Clerk

Journal of Proceedings for the Smith County Commissioners

December 26, 2017


The County Commissioners met in a regular session on December 26, 2017 in the County Commissioners’ Room. Present were Commissioners Tom James, Art Befort, and Roger Allen. Also present were Sharon Wolters, Clerk; and, Mitch Fritz, Road Supervisor.


Befort opened the meeting with prayer.


Commissioners approved the agenda for the December 26, 2017 meeting.


Commissioners revised, approved, and signed the December 18, 2017 minutes and the December 19, 2017 minutes.


Commissioners approved voucher #36419-36429 from the following accounts:

General                                                  4173.83

Road                                                      8430.31

Noxious Weed                                       100.00

Co. Health                                            1097.55

Appraiser                                                 323.12

Solid Waste                                                5.48

EMS                                                         298.16


TOTAL                                 $       14,428.45


Commissioners approved Payroll #26 for $98,166.81.


Fritz discussed the following:

  1. Allen reported that he, Fritz and Befort viewed a tube located at 265 Road between K & L Roads. Also in attendance were Jerol DeBoer from Penco Engineering, Andy Wilson and Lynn True.  Befort reported that the engineer did not feel the present tube could be effectively corrected.  Commissioners agreed to use the engineer’s recommended correction to replace the tube at this location.
  2. James reported that he felt Josh Shockley was doing excellent work and that he was happy to see that he worked overtime to complete work on 60 Road.
  3. Befort asked about information available on use of crushed concrete by the road department. Fritz reported that there are scale tickets available for all road service materials.  Wolters reviewed the open records request policy and form location and asked that all requests for written materials be handled consistently.
  4. James asked about maintenance on L Road north of the highway. James reported that Adam Ifland agreed to haul water to this location for road work.  Fritz agreed to contact Ifland when the weather permits the work to be completed.
  5. Allen reviewed the absenteeism from road department employees. Fritz agreed to visit with the persons discussed.
  6. Allen and Befort discussed a work session that took place on Tuesday, December 19, 2017. Commissioners reported that they do not need to take any action based on that meeting at this time.
  7. Fritz discussed the regulation concerning banisters on bridges.
  8. Befort discussed the phone stipend for Woods. Fritz provided documentation on the request.  Commissioners agreed to give a $40 per month stipend for the use of Tami Wood’s personal cell phone for county business.
  9. Fritz discussed adding an additional employee in the road department. Commissioners agreed to consider additional employees after the first of the year.


Befort reported that he attended an e-waste meeting in Osborne County.  Befort provided a Memorandum of Understanding and an invoice for participation in the E-Waste recycling program.  Allen signed the agreement.


Commissioners discussed the burning ban.  A motion was made by James and it was seconded by Befort to remove the burning ban and review the weather conditions next week.  Motion carried unanimously.


Chris Bailey, Undersheriff, joined the meeting and reported that the 2004 Tahoe is no longer marked as a sheriff’s vehicle and that the commissioners can dispose of the vehicle as they wish.   Bailey reported that the 2014 Charger will also be available for disposal when the commissioners decide to sell.


Fritz left the meeting.


Dave Tucker, Landfill Supervisor, discussed the following:

  1. Befort reported on the e-waste meeting that he attended last week in Osborne County. Befort reported that the 11 county e-waste group shipped out 34.3 tons of e-waste in 2017.                                                          Initials _____ _____ _____

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Held December 27, 2017


  1. Tucker reported that Smith County had a 2017 bi-annual landfill inspection with no violations listed.

Tucker left the meeting.


A motion was made by James and it was seconded by Befort to convene in executive session to discuss non-elected personnel from 10:20 a.m. till 10:35 a.m.   Also in the session was Sharon Wolters, Clerk.    Motion carried unanimously.  Regular session reconvened at 10:35 a.m.  Commissioners agreed to change the status of the custodial position and replace and post the position as a full-time position.   Wolters agreed to notify the current custodian of change in status.  Commissioners discussed rate of pay for new position.  No action was taken at this time to establish pay rate.  Commissioners agreed to evaluate rate of pay based on the experience and skill level of applicants.


Commissioners discussed the Regular Part-time benefits and positions.  Commissioners agreed to consider the change in benefits for the part-time people working over 20 hour.  Commissioners agreed to review the current policy to determine changes they may wish to implement.


Commissioners reviewed recommendations to make year-end transfers.  Commissioners approved Resolution 17-18 & 17-19 authorizing transfers as recommended by Teri Klitzki, ABBB, Chtd. Accountant.  Wolters agreed to complete the additional year-end  adjustments  recommended for the Health Reserve Account.


Commissioners authorized added and abated tax statements.


As there was no further business the meeting was adjourned.




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