The Norton City County Economic Development Board Meeting January 9

The Norton City/County Economic Development board met at 5:45 p.m. on January 9, at the Economic Development office. The meeting was called to order by Mike Posson, Vice-Chairman. Members present included: Wally Burton, Curtis Eveleigh, Aaron Hale, Gayle James, Jerry Jones, and Mike Posson. Absent were Brad Hopkins, Jim Miller, Amber Nuttycomb, Bud Posson and Dick Thompson.


Also present was Verla Grysch, Administrative Coordinator.


The December meeting minutes were approved with a motion from Aaron Hale and a second from Curtis Eveleigh. Motion carried 6-0.


Verla Grysch updated the board on the following items:

  • The wrap for the East Site Development sign is ready. Wally Burton said he would get the aluminum to Studio One11.
  • Herbie Johnson Construction has completed the soffit repair on the front of the building, but Mr. Johnson said the metal shingles above the soffits may require maintenance in the future.
  • Construction of the single family homes in Norton Estates is almost completed.

Regarding the executive director advertisement, after discussion Curtis Eveleigh moved to allow the ad to expire on the January 17 deadline until further action from the board. Aaron Hale seconded. Motion carried 6-0.


The board discussed inviting representatives from our partner resource agencies, such as Kansas Department of Commerce and NetWork Kansas, to attend the next few meetings to present details of the various ways they support NCCED.


The meeting was adjourned with a motion from Jerry Jones and a second from Aaron Hale. Motion carried 6-0.