Osborne County Commissioners – February 28, 2018

Osborne County Commissioners – Minutes from February 28, 2018

Present: C.W. “Bill” Seaman, Alfred Reif, Craig Pottberg, and Vienna Janis, County Clerk.


Alfred Reif called the meeting to order at 8:58 a.m.


Brent “Bo” French met with commissioners and updated them on the progress of bridge #211. He stated they poured the deck yesterday. Bo French presented quotes from the following companies on steel: Oden Enterprises, Inc., from Wahoo, NE, Miller Welding, Inc. from Downs, KS, and Welborn Sales, Inc., from Salina, KS. The following quotes were for H-Beam, Decking, Sheet piling, and 6” beam. C.W. Seaman moved to approve lowest quotes for the following: H-Beam to Oden Enterprises, Inc. for $20,340.00, Decking to Welborn Sales, Inc. for $54,912.00, Sheet piling to Oden Enterprises, Inc. for $33,511.50, and 6” beam to Miller Welding for $3,500.00, Alfred Reif second. Discussion: Craig Pottberg stated that he felt we should award the quote for H-Beam to Miller Welding, Inc. because the difference in the quote price is not much of a difference and to keep the tax money local. Vote: C.W. Seaman and Alfred Reif voted “Yes,” and Craig Pottberg voted “No.” Motion carries.


Bo French continued to meet with commissioners and informed them that bridge south of Alton will begin in late March. Commissioners asked Bo if he informed the school district with regards to the bus route. Bo stated he will contact them and also notify the ambulance department. Bo stated they were done hauling rock out of Cooley’s rock pit. Bo applied for the $2,000 grant from KCAMP for a grill guard. Bo also told commissioners he has been approached about putting a waterway up against a township road in Independence Township. Discussion was and commissioners stated they would not allow it. Bo French asked to go into executive session for 15 minutes for non-elected personnel. C.W. Seaman moved to go into executive session for 15 minutes for non-elected personnel, Craig Pottberg second. Vote: all motion carried. Executive session stated at 9:15 a.m. with commissioners, Brent French and Vienna Janis and ended at 9:30 a.m.


BobbiJo Boxum met with commissioners to state that they were not able to get on the state software to issue tags or anything. The state called and said our router was not working properly. Commissioners suggested she call Nex-Tech.  BobbiJo came back into say it was AT-T line from Russell and it was fixed.


Commissioners signed and approved checks and vouchers totaling $334,824.63:

General                                   $169,189.66

Road & Bridge                         70,391.73

Health                                     8,323.44

Noxious Weed                         6,431.51

Ambulance                              35,627.23

Special Ambulance                  14,150.00

Waste Disposal                       11,183.78

OFD #1 General                      599.00

OFD #2 General                      1,427.00

OFD #3 General                      3,625.35

Payroll Clearing                      3,807.33

Local E-911 Fund                     49.34

Special R&B Improve              5,397.18

Appraiser Cost                         4,103.96

Election                                   516.67

Emergency Manager              1.45

Total                $334,824.63


Tim Krager from TK Electric, LLC met with commissioners to go over his proposal for updating the electrical system in the courthouse. The estimate that he submitted to commissioners for all work is $25,500.00. Discussion was held. C.W. Seaman moved to approve the estimate for electrical repair from TK Electric, LLC for $25,500.00, Craig Pottberg second. Vote: all motion carried.


Commissioners read the minutes for special meeting held February 20, 2018. Craig Pottberg moved to approve the minutes for special meeting held on February 20, 2018 as amended, Alfred Reif second. Vote: all motion carried.


Commissioners approved the following transfers: 18-07 for $164.68, 18-08 for $4.00, 18-09 for $2,675.12, 18-10 for $2,686.61, and 18-11 for $144.72.


Commissioners approved the following change orders to the 2017 tax roll: 2017-74, 2017-75, 2017-76, 2017-77, 2017-78 and 2017-79.


Janice Boland met with commissioners to discuss her vehicle that she wrecked and plans to dispose of it. Commissioners told Janice Boland not to put lights on the new vehicle. Discussion was held on applying for a grant for a new ambulance. Janice Boland stated she would have to do new LMI surveys for one township.


Commissioners called Center Glass from Smith Center regarding the door in the basement and they said it would be about three weeks before the door is delivered.


C.W. Seaman moved to adjourn the meeting with no other business, Craig Pottberg second. Vote: all motion carried.  Meeting ended at 11:12 a.m.




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