KD Country 94 & Z-96.3 The Lake are full service community radio stations based in Glen Elder, Kansas serving all of North Central Kansas.

If you have a question, comment, concern, news tip, sports score or advertising question, feel free to contact us using one of the methods below.

Contact Details

1937 U.S. Highway 24, Glen Elder, KS 67446

(785) 545-3220 (Business Number)
1-800-905-8020 (KD 94 Requests)
1-800-374-5888 (Z-96.3 Requests)

Email: [email protected]

About KD 94 & Z-96.3

KD Country 94 was founded in 1994 by Herb Hoeflicker and his wife Ruby. In 1998 Z-96.3 The Lake was founded. Together, both stations currently serve North Central Kansas and are owned by Dierking Communications, Inc. in Marysville.

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Please select the department you would like to contact. Once you click the name, a form will appear to fill out and submit information to us.

If you have a news tip for the KD Country 94 & Z-96.3 The Lake News Team or a sports score to report, please use the form below to submit it.

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KD Country 94 & Z-96.3 The Lake is ready to deliver the message of your business across North Central Kansas! Fill out the form below to talk to one of our Account Executives today!

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The Community Calendar airs three times each day on KD Country 94 and Z-96.3 The Lake. The calendar is free for non-charging community events.

KD 94/Z-96.3 offers a special package for promotion of fundraisers, or other activities where a charge or fee is involved. For more information please contact an account executive at 785-545-3220.

Calendar announcements generally air shortly before the event is scheduled, and the number of announcements are subject to time available.

Please allow up to 3 days before your event submission appears on our online Community Calendar.

KDNS/KZDY Community Calendar Submission

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The KD Country 94 Trading Post is a free community service of KD Country 94 and airs Monday thru Friday mornings at approximately 9:05 a.m. The KD Country 94 Trading Post is a call-in show advertising your personal garage sale, yard sale, items to buy, sell, trade or swap. The Trading Post has a few rules to follow.

Calls are only accepted during the show. Please call (785) 545-3220 to submit your item to us.

Items can be submitted to the KD Country 94 Trading Post by snail mail. Please send your items a week in advance to:

KD Country 94 Trading Post
P.O. Box 88
Glen Elder, KS 67446

Items can be submitted via e-mail. Please use the following form to submit your item to the KD Country 94 Trading Post. Items must be sent before 8 am the day of the show.

KD Country 94 and Dierking Communications, Inc. have the right to refuse to air any items submitted to The Trading Post.

The Fine Print:
No businesses or resale, please, on The Trading Post. Call during regular business hours, off-air, for more information of the following:

Business advertising rates and orders.
Community event promotion.

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